We Transfuse the Love

Us and the members of our audience: those younglings and elderly people who have their eyes lustrous when leaving the concert hall or gymnasium where we have been playing. Music is our passion, this is the passion that drives our entire lives. We’d like this flame reach the many people possible and the more people be caught in classical music. We believe that this is a kind of an addiction that makes people’s lives better. Our purpose is to provide a future to this renown genre, and the key to this future is youth.


The Orchestra’s Story

ÓDZ (DOÓ) was founded in 1993 by Domonkos Héja and his musician friends. At that time, most of them, including the conductor, were students at Bartók Béla Conservatory of Music. As a result of conscious and meticulous professional workshops and regular performances, the orchestra became a renowned actor in Hungarian music scene. In 2001, the orchestra was granted the title of National Youth Orchestra and could have it for three years. In the subsequent years, the orchestra had several of the best Hungarian an international conductors as guest performers, including Ken-Ichiro, Yuriy Simonov, José Cura, Rico Saccani and Sir Neville Marriner. 2013 was an important turning point in the orchestra’s career, when Máté Hámori took over the art direction and provided a new image and strategy to the orchestra. The orchestra’s youth program started, the number of our concerts raised and its professional judgement improved considerably.




Our orchestra has a past of more than twenty five years, though it is still one of the most youthful professional orchestras nationwide. We would always take a fresh look at the often stereotyped forms of classical music. We strive to let in our audience on the mystery of music amidst a novel and informal framework again and again. This is the purpose of the three-part portrays on composers and performances in gymnasiums.


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We pay particular attention to the musical initiation of children: each year our orchestra stages a series of concerts in primary schools around all Budapest where our musicians make it possible for thousands of children to meet classical music. (Music… is what I want!)

We organize an intensive program of one week to high school students that includes making personal relations, and during which younglings may get an insight behind the scenes and into the “private life” of a symphonic orchestra.

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The venue of the series of concerts our Orchestra performs is the Academy of Music where we aspire to harmonize the noble traditions of the prestigious concert hall so dear to us with the innovation efforts so characteristic of us. Our seasons would always be set up by our art director Máté Hámori in a thematic manner. This is the way we became Heroes from Children; in the season of 2016/17, we examined the layers of meaning of Freedom and Home via the compositions; now we have presented the myths of modern times in the language of music, and for the next season (regarding the 25th anniversary), we have concealed the buzzwords of our concerts in figures and quotes, thereby calling our audience for a game.




Our thematic and unconventional concerts have one single purpose: to deliver high-quality music to the most people possible, and, like recently, halls of Danubia concerts in the future would be crowded by bright-eyed music lovers.

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Our Home

In 2014, Danubia found its new and definitive home: courtesy of the Local Government of Óbuda, we acquired the building of the old cinema at Flórián Square, and now, renovated, it serves as our rehearsal hall. Our plans include accomplishing a following step in the process of renovation, by which the hall would also become suitable to perform concerts: we hope that in time, our home will become a new flagship in the cultural life of Óbuda.