Dawn of life, dusk of life – eternal topics for art, though they may raise situations of life full of challenge that often surpass personal capabilities. As performers, we attribute great importance to, according to our means and talent, support our fellow-beings who strive with similar difficulties.

Our social engagement contributes to the operation of two civilian bodies.

Gézengúz Foundation

Gézengúz Alapítvány

This network of institutions, active since 1990, takes an important role in the rehabilitation of babies and small children with congenital challenge or with defect at birth. The purpose of the foundation is to provide health, pedagogical, psichological and social assistance to families. Our medical and therapeutic models have become exemplary in national patient care and specialist education.

Danubia provides opportunity for the foundation to directly communicate to our audience – this establishes a wider social medium for their activity.

On 27 December 2013 we supported the operation of the Gézengúz Foundation with a charity gala of great success. The symphonic background for the star pop musicians in the stage spectacular Total 90was provided by Danubia.

Website of the Gézengúz Foundation

Hungarian Hospice Foundation

Jótékonysági Programok

Our commitment primarily lies in improving the quality of life and restrained opportunities of the senior generation, which brings along organizing and arranging charity concerts. The proceeds from these charity concerts would support the civilian bodies that deal with seniors.

We are proud to participate in the concerts organized for supporting the Hungarian Hospice Foundation for the fifth time.

Website of the Hungarian Hospice Foundation