Danubia Orchestra Receives Hungarian Heritage Award

23 June, morning – the Auditorium of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences witnessed the Awarding Ceremony of the Hungarian Heritage Awards, the range of the awarded including Danubia Orchestra Óbuda.

Laudation was held by Neurobiologist, Honorary University Professor and President of the Hungarian Heritage and Europe Society, Dr. József Takács.

This award may be given to institutes and groups that contributed by their activities to the moral and spiritual elevation of Hungarian culture, economy, sports, science, i.e. the Hungarian society. These collectively constitute the “invisible spiritual museum” of the Hungarians.
The selection of the prize-winners of the Hungarian Heritage Award is based on the principle and practice of grassroots democracy: anyone may propose a person, band, institute, achievement they consider worthwhile. This is the exclusive source of recommendations the jury of the Hungarian Heritage Award would select the prize-winners from. Four times a year, seven prizes are awarded in the context of a cultural programme.
The award comprises no financial rewards and the names of the prize-winners and the laudations are recorded in a so-called “Register”.