John Cage | 4’33”
Ives | The Unanswered Question
Copland | The Promise of Living
Elmer Bernstein | The Magnificent Seven
Ellington | New World A’ Comin
Dvořák | New World Symphony

Featuring | Attila Juhász, piano

Conducted by | Azis Sadikovic – Winner of the 2nd Prize of the Maestro Solti International Conducting Competition 2017

I hold in my hand a symbol of wholeness and harmony and nourishment. It is Oriental in its simplicity, but we are Americans, Kilgore, and not Chinamen. We Americans require symbols which are richly colored and three-dimensional and juicy. Most of all, we hunger for symbols which have not been poisoned by great sins our nation has committed, such as slavery and genocide and criminal neglect, or by tinhorn commercial greed and cunning. – Look up, Mr. Trout,” I said, and I waited patiently. (…) The old man looked up. (…) He saw that I held an apple in my hand.”

Season of Conundrums – Danubia 25
In our festal season, we invite you to play: solve the source of the quotations included in the description of the concert (title, author) and also what links them to the specific concert. The game related to the concert titled 2 lasts from  8th October to 18, 2018. The interface for receiving the solutions will be open during this period and we will indicate it in advance. Though, you are allowed to think about it yet! 
Before the concert, at 5:45 PM, we will make an Introductory lecture related to the concert in the Great Hall of the Music Academy hosted by pianist and music teacher Gábor Eckhardt.