Three performing artists, one orchestra and so many imperishable French chansons on the stage of the Müpa Budapest- Béla Bartók National Concert Hall. These three singers with exquisite voice met French chansons in completely different ways. All three were deeply engaged with the genre and linguistic skills, thereby, they have a considerable competence for French chansons. Eszter Kárász provides a staggering authenticity in delivering Edith Piaf’s songs, Kátya Tompos renders a Russian gentlewoman in performing the well-known classics, and Boggie reveals the side of chansons alive even today.

Accompanied by Danubia Orchestra Óbuda, the French chansons, dressed in an even more sublime gown, would provide an exclusive experience for the audience. A musical time travel through known and rarely heard, often sung and reinterpreted, classical and modern French chansons, via depths and elevations. Marvelous orchestrations, poignant solos, dramatic emotions: painful romantics, reminiscence, unfulfilled love – all these via the fervor so characteristic of French art.

The performance titled J’aime la chanson was launched by the State Ballroom (Vigadó). In November 2018, it took only a month for the tickets for the three divas to run out, then, next year, the period for the tickets to be sold out was also a record time for the reprise performance. The joint performance arranged by Radio Jazzy and Danubia Orchestra Óbuda will debut on October 5, 2019 in Béla Bartók National Concert Hall.


Featuring | Boglárka Csemer BoggieEszter KárászKátya Tompos (vocals) | Gábor Antal (piano) | Janó Nemes (clarinet, saxophone) | Csongor Veér (violin) | Szabolcs Takács (contrabass) | Péter Wágner-Puskás (harmonica) | Pál Szirmai (drum)

Concertmaster | Péter Mező

Orchestration | Rezső Ott

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