The number one concert band of Hungary, the favourite of several generations, the unmistakable Quimby makes its debut entrance in the Open Air-Theatre with a unique and one time only performance: together with the Danubia Orchestra of Óbuda, they will venture into the world of classical music while the well-known and popular Quimby songs will get a new, never-before-heard symphonic makeover!

Quimby likes to try its hands in the most different genres. Whether its raging rock and roll, acoustic songs played by the campfire or theatrical performances, they are happy to take on the challenges and feel welcome on any stage which allows them to play and experiment.

This is the first time these well-known formations get to collaborate on the Margaret Island Open-Air Theatre, putting classical music and rock and roll in the same seat to find out that the two are actually not that far from each other.

Featuring the Danubia Orchestra of Óbuda.

Members of Quimby: 

Tibor Kiss (vocals, guitar)
Livius  Varga (percussion, vocals)
Szilárd Balanyi (keyboards)
József Kárpáti (trumpet)
Ferenc Mikuli (bass guitar)
Ferenc Gerdesits (drums)