1st Concert of the Rossini Series


Rossini | Sinfonia ’al Conventello’
Rossini | The Silken Ladder – overture
Rossini | Introduction, Theme and Variations




Paisiello | The Barber of Seville – overture
Paisiello | The Barber of Seville – Figaro’s Aria (Scorsi già molti paesi)
Rossini | The Barber of Seville – overture
Rossini | The Barber of Seville – Figaro’s Entering (Largo al factotum)


A crescendo (growing) is really impressive when it sets off the quietest possible and grows gradually, while in the end, grown to an ecstasy, it sets the roof on fire.

The first half of Rossini’s life may be characterized by the lines above, for the boy born into a family of knockabout artists from Pesaro bursts in from nothing out of nowhere with his operas into the world of world-renowned composers, and what’s even more, the popularity of his compositions induced hysterical scenes within theatrical audience. Sure enough, sudden success tragically undermined the reputation of several composers formerly believed to be unforgettable: in the most famous case, Rossini dared to set to music the libretto of Paisiello’s The Barber of Seville, one of the most popular operas of that time. As if somebody retook Star Wars nowadays – however the ultimate result would outstrip the original one. By this success, the “Swan of Pesaro” finally acquired a ticket for the charter to immortality.