Debussy: Debussy, Prelude to ‘The Afternoon of a Faun’
Stravinsky: Orpheus – ballet
Sibelius: Four Legends

Conducted by Máté Hámori

At the time, people were majestic, laughed and argued with the gods then they themselves became gods. Men were strong, women were passionate and life was painfully beautiful and lasted only a few years. These heroes are our ancestors: they were there at the siege of Troy, at the entrance to the underworld, when the power of art and love revealed the never opening gates of death. We were there in the depth of northern woodlands, feared from God Thor’s thunderbolts, we saw Väinämöinen passing the underworld river of Tuoni. We never forgot not a moment, inside of us, in our music, in our movements pulsates the dawn of mankind: the Golden Age.