The Force of Destiny – Overture
The Force of Destiny – Pace, pace

Traviata – Overture
Traviata – Parigi, o cara
Traviata – Libiamo
Rigoletto | Overture
Rigoletto | Caro nome
Otello | Salce, salce


Featuring | Zsuzsanna Ádám – sopran, Kinga Kriszta – sopran, Péter Balczó – tenor
Conducted by Dániel Erdélyi

Host | Gábor Eckhardt


Verdi loved women – this is clearly reflected by the way he treated heroines. Even if he blessed them with misery, disappointment and vulnerability, the ultimate divine truth was theirs. This antonym leads to the sensation of purging that passes through one when listening to Violetta’s, Leonora’s or Gilda’s tragedy. Verdi loved women – but he also knew them, that’s why his figures are never papier-machés. They are flesh and blood humans with faults, bad decisions, or crimes, however, Verdi always gently slides the olive branch of forgiveness to the audience’s hands, while mourning for their death struggle.

In the concert, between the compositions, informative reviews will be announced in Hungarian.