3rd Concert of the Rossini Series 


Rossini | Mi lagnerò tacendo – 3 versions (Péchés de vieillesse, vol. XIII)
Rossini | Giovanna d’Arco – Cantata (arranged by Taralli)




Britten | Soirées musicales
Respighi | Rossiniana


Rumor has it that after Rossini discontinued composing music, he only worshipped culinary pleasures, he opened a restaurant and even became the namesake of a specialty food. Sure enough, this is not the whole truth, like a leopard can’t change its spots, a composer can’t quit his creative urge overnight without a trace.

The imprint of the invention that cropped up from time to time in Rossini is the series titled – characteristically of the author, in a self-ironical manner – Sins of Old Age, and it features pieces for piano and songs. Though general public may never bump into these compositions, these opuses predominantly written in vane contain several beads and actual masterpieces.

With every composer, an interesting question is if they made an effect on the progress of music and the progenies. Sure thing is that Rossini divides composers as well as music lovers, though there are several late followers of the master.

This night will feature the obeisance from two splendid composers that, though have worked off original compositions by Rossini, unerringly bear Resphigi’s and Britten’s elements of style.