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  • Felix Mendelssohn: The Return from Abroad – musical comedy

Son of the impressive theologian and philosopher Moses Mendelssohn, and a father of a musical genius Abraham Mendelssohn, described himself not the least bit bitterly: “I used to be my father’s son, now I am my son’s father.” For December 1829 – the celebration of his birthday and their silver wedding – Felix and Fanny arranged an “outrage”. They planned to put on stage three one-act musical comedies in their home in Berlin, “with costumes, a proper presentation and a full orchestra. The first number, “Soldier’s Love”, my famous work that is still a dear one for my parents, without a change of any note and the old performers, then a new musical comedy by Fanny, her fiancé will write lyrics, it should be pretty, ethereal, full of charm, really tender and beautiful [Fanny composed a festival play titled “Impending Wedding”]. Then an idyll by me, it’s already fumbling about in my head: an elderly couple would perform, a girl next door, a coltish field-guard, a disguised mariner and who knows who else.”

The home-made debut of this little idyll, The Return from Abroad, achieved big success, and Mendelssohn even paid attention to compose a one-note “aria” to a relative of his who could not sing.

The central topic of our new author series of Danubia Orchestra Óbuda is the Mendelssohn dynasty and the music of the Mendelssohn brothers: creations either known or to be discovered, from the world of chamber music, concertos, symphonic repertory and – as an actual sensation! – of opera.

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