As all know it, “Beethoven is the Mozart of music”. In brief: the be-all and end-all for classical musicians, the major rebel, the toughest rocker blew the world of music off its hinges, defying fate: da-da-da-daaaam!

He is the super hero whom we bring, presenting in one hour how it is possible for a two-hundred-year-old music to be tough, tense, revolutionary, vibrant and astonishingly sensitive at the same time. What we will have here, is piano playing, orchestral clamor, deafness simulator and all sort of other stuffs. Definitely not for the squeamish.

Host, conductor and story-teller: Máté Hámori

Featuring: Csaba Méhes, mime artist

How to get children’s discount: put the tickets into the basket and from the drop-down menu choose “Gyerekjegy” (children’s fare).