There are people who would like to be a Hollywood star for a day, others would rather be yelling TV cook, others Messi or Ronaldo, yet others a living Barbie doll, others an astronaut landing on the Mars, etc. Now, we give you a chance to become a world-renowned composer for an hour and compose Beethoven’s most famous symphony: the FIFTH! (Ta-da-da-daam!) No musical background necessary, you don’t have to bring sheet music, all you will need is your voice, your palm and your courage, and maybe your parents. We provide the orchestra and the incredible melodies and you will be able to impersonate one of the greatest composers of all time. How does it sound to you?
All this arranged and conducted by | Máté Hámori

How to get children’s discount: put the tickets into the basket and from the drop-down menu choose “Gyerekjegy” (children’s fare).