Nielsen: Helios – Overture
Milhaud: The Creation of the World
Ravel: Daphnis and Chloe – full ballet music

Conducted by Moritz Gnann

It is born and passes each day. (Each Sun is born and passes each day.) It gives power to life, gives color to objects, scents to the spring, it creates the idea of time. Not by chance is this the first one in the subtle world of myths: the second moment of creation illumines Earth with light. Each sunrise recreates this world, beginning a new tale, governs the work of the bees, the winds and tempests and portions the fruit of people’s work as God’s representative. In the night when rousing on a missed heartbeat, the obsessed by fear: what if this night is for ever? And then, out of the pitch-black, objects start to get shapes, then a breeze ghosts gently, the land still cold, though on the edge of the mountains the first beam is dancing…

Let there be light!