The man with the big moustache took down the pen, lighted a cigar with his trembling hands and looked at that sentence beyond description on the paper with great suspicion. “God is dead.” Is that all there is to it? No army, no Jacob’s ladder, no thunderbolt and lightning was needed to break the old and depressing idol. Only that new one has to be carved instead, a more scrutable, a more familiar one, that replies when asked. He looked at the sentence and did not realize what was missing. For Übermensch included everything Man inherited from God, the magnification of power, relentlessness, the desire and opportunity to create and the entire world… All the same, something is still missing. He kept mulling over this way for hours, then put down the cold pipe and fell into a dreamless slumber. And that one word “mercy” never ever came to his mind again.

Copland: Fanfare for the Common Man

Wagner: Tannhäuser – Overture

Wagner: Twilight of the Gods – Siegfried’s Rhine Journey

R. Strauss: Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Conducted by Máté Hámori