Strauss: Metamorphoses

Mozart: Requiem


performed | Klára Kolonits, vocal | Gabriella Balga, vocal

Gyula Rab, vocal | Krisztián Cser, vocal | Kodály Choir Debrecen

conductor | Máté Hámori


Where words fail is where music begins, where light ceases is where hope dawns. The most touching and often most personal rise on the border of big cataclysms and momentous events. An elderly and successful composer goes through the devastation of his home, the death of millions and perceives that art cannot be what it was in his time. This is the point where Metamorphoses is composed, a summary of the great era of the history of music from Beethoven to Schönberg, the last manifestation of a life-work, also a reminiscence that dissolves struggle into peace. Mozart’s last oeuvre wanders through the way a man arriving at the gates of the unknown does: anguish goes over into despair, later God gets hauled up with a terrible force, finally dissolving this utterly human music composed in the language of the angels into the hope of the afterlife.