Rautavaara | Symphony No. 7 ‘Angel of Light’

Liszt | Dante Symphony

Featuring | Cantemus Choir of Nyiregyhaza
Conducted by | Máté Hámori

“Finally, about fifteen years later, it wound up being not larger than a cobbler, a felted-pricked-mossy miracle, that couldn’t be harmed by no tempests, and on whom the regressed limbs, small arms and legs and little eyes and lips were hardly recognizable. It couldn’t tell time. (…) Blue-black, sulfur-bolted tempests passed by dreadfully and supinely, they relieved above the resounding water, pouring it with hail, and their bolts weaved through surged waves that by tossing high besieged the foot of the stanch rock. Then it all became goodness and peacefulness – just as sublime and elusive than the previous destruction, and the rainbow of seven colors spanned in its moist beauty across from one shorelessness to the other.”

Season of Conundrums – Danubia 25
In our festal season, we invite you to play: solve the source of the quotations included in the description of the concert (title, author) and also what links them to the specific concert. The game related to the concert titled 3 lasts from  12th November to 21, 2018. The interface for receiving the solutions will be open during this period and we will indicate it in advance. Though, you are allowed to think about it yet! 
Before the concert, at 5:45 PM, we will make an Introductory lecture related to the concert in the Great Hall of the Music Academy hosted by pianist and music teacher Gábor Eckhardt.