Bach | St John Passion

Featuring | Kodály Choir Debrecen (choirmaster: Máté Szabó Sipos), Klára Kolonits – soprano | Kornélia Bakos – mezzo-soprano | Gyula Rab – tenor | István Horváth – tenor | Lóránt Najbauer – bariton | László Jekl – bass bariton

Conducted by Máté Hámori


“-Lift voices, beat out the dirge

-Gone gone & dead and gone


-And black-bruising hands and voice bruised black

now mingle in grief

-And keep striking breasts and keep crooning wails

-Wail thousands the thousands

-And tug, pull out white hair from your beards

-With tearing, tearing nails and a dirge

-And rake air with cries

-Hear my cries

-And rip heavy robes with fingers hooked

-Mourn thousands the thousands

-And strip out your hair, lament an army lost

-With tearing, tearing nails and a dirge

-And eyes rain down tears

-See my tears

-Din back my howling, my thumping

-Thousands the thousands

-Lament as you go to your houses

-Sorrow the sorrow…”

Season of Conundrums– Danubia 25

In our festal season, we invite you to play: solve the source of the quotations included in the description of the concert (title, author) and also what links them to the specific concert. The game relating the concert 8 starts as of 8 April 2019 and ends 18 April 2019. The interface for receiving the solutions will be open during this period and we will indicate it in advance. Though, you are allowed to think about it yet! Spectators in the mood for games who will send us solution or mental flow concerning all four concerts (5 to 8) to will participate in a draw of a SERENADE. Will you join us?

The concert will be preceded by an Initiatory lecture related to the concert in the Great Hall of the Music Academy at 5:45 P.M., hosted by pianist and music teacher Gábor Eckhardt.