1st concert of the Series ‘We Are at Home’


Ligeti | Concert romanesc

Bartók | Piano Concerto No.2

Dohnányi | Symphony No.2


featuring | János Balázs, piano

conducted by Izaki Masahiro


“… I want to work. It’s hard for human nature
to make a real confession of all that we’ve done.
The Danube, which is our past, our present and our future,
has pulled us in, tenderly, as its swift waters run.
From the blood of our fathers shed in former wars,
flows peace, a common memory and mutual regard,
a promise of order, a tolerant way to live.
This is our task. It will be hard.”
(fragment of Attila József’s At the Danube)


The concerts would always be preceded by an Initiatory lecture.
For one and a half year, our orchestra has been organizing initiatory lectures at 17:45 preceding all concerts at the Music Academy concerning the concert you may visit for free. These initiatory lectures would be made by pianist and music teacher Gábor Eckhardt who enriches them by playbacks, slideshow and various musical delicacies.

Guest at the colloquy will be conductor Izaki Masahiro.