Performed by: ANTAL ZALAI (violin)
Conducted by: MÁTÉ HÁMORI


  • Nielsen: Violin Concerto
  • Anton Bruckner: Symphony No.7

An ideal soloist for the Violin Concerto composed by Nielsen in 1911 was Emil Telmányi, former student of Hubay. He knew the nineteen-year old violin virtuoso from Berlin, his manner of playing and performing style fundamentally determined the profile of the concerto under preparation. What does this style consist of? Aladár Tóth wrote about Telmányi in the journal Nyugat some years later. “Emil Telmányi’s art is an unfathomable profundity and, at the same time, the most pronounced circumscribedness. It is like a fountain dug deep into hard rock. Two passions convey him to this art. First: to make a complete feint of and give full vent to everything, and to come right down to the bedrock. Second: to have a stranglehold on and to conquer everything, imperiously. Will and power”. As if these lines were not about the violinist, but the very Nielsen or Bruckner. This concerto of special pretension will be interpreted for today’s audience by Antal Zalai.

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