3rd concert of the Series ‘We Are at Home’


Bartók | The Miraculous Mandarin

Dohnányi | Konzertstück

Bruckner | Symphony No.4


Featuring | László Fenyő, violoncello

Conducted by Zsolt Hamar


“Europe, to you,
by you, praising you, I present my plea
from this century’s blind botching,
and as others bury you, tolling through the night,
with a shrill dithyramb, with joy,
with good morning I greet you.”
(fragment from Dezső Kosztolányi: Europe)


The concerts would always be preceded by an Initiatory lecture.
For one and a half year, our orchestra has been organizing initiatory lectures at 17:45 preceding all concerts at the Music Academy concerning the concert you may visit for free. These initiatory lectures would be made by pianist and music teacher Gábor Eckhardt who enriches them by playbacks, slideshow and various musical delicacies.

Guest at the colloquy will be conductor Zsolt Hamar.