List of the pieces to be performed:

Duo onto a violin and a viola | Quintet onto horn and a string quartet | Oboe quartet | a theme from Mozart’s violin concerto | Oboe concerto in C major | theme from Mozart’s horn concerto


The Final Reckoning will take place at the end of the festival, in the Smith Mansion at Kisharsány. The Orchestra comes together; the commandos play the full pieces they performed. 3 commandos will duel with each other. However, here already the full “army” will play. The commandos will determine, by a life-or-death musical competition and a terror preventing introduction and by asking for the audience’s judgment, who will be the most Mozarty commando on the Festival. The leader of the winning commando will perform a theme from a concerto with the Orchestra. Subsequently, the “losing” commandos will take over the stage ‘spontaneously’ and perform their concertos too.