Casagrande | Carnaval – PREMIERE
Schumann – Ravel | Four Movements from Carnaval
Schumann | The Bride from Messina – Ouverture
Schumann | Ouverture, Scherzo and Finale


conductor | Ádám Cser
host | Gábor Eckhardt


Schumann’s writings comprised the depiction of members of his environment and the sides of his own personality of conflicting characters, as several fantasy figures: this is how Florestan and Eusebius were invented. The earlier is the extroverted, world-blasting revolutionist, the apostle of modern music: it is not for nothing that the opening concert the three-part series of Danubia Orchestra Óbuda will feature a new piece composed willfully for this concert: even Schumann himself, or rather said Florestan, would acknowledge this with appreciation. In his composition, the young contrabassist of our orchestra Antonio Casagrande evokes Floerstan in his piece composed for this occasion, followed by a rarely performed Schumann arrangement of Ravel’s. This séance is also hosted by Gábor Eckhardt.