Our concert Kurtág / Haydn / Dvorák at the Music Academy on 13 March 2020 will be cancelled

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Kurtág | …quasi una fantasia…
Haydn | Symphony in F minor, „La passione”
Dvořák | Cello Concerto

Featuring | Miklós Perényi – violoncello
Conducted by | Máté Hámori

Often, the world works like the sea: it rejects the trash, the PET bottles, the oil pollution, the filth – while in the deep, hidden from light and human, it guards its treasures jealously. The other day, I saw Miklós Perényi hang around in front of the South Railway Station, I suppose he was waiting for a cab or something, with his cello on his back, looking inwards, a living spirit of humility. People keep running around him like stabbed rats, obviously noone knows who he is. Kurtág ditto: he goes to concerts, listens, delivers his opinions, writes masterpieces even over ninety, but he and his dusty art wouldn’t fit into a newscast. These people are giants walking amongst us, cultural peak performances of our era, but only few hundreds of us know their faces and their names. It’s better like this, we may listen to their music in a relative peace, and in such case, the Music Academy appearing as an ivory tower is not a problem: sometimes one shall enjoy the feeling of being chosen: I will be able to listen to Him, in admiration to whom a child will strive to understand our century in the year 2157.