Ligeti | Atmosphéres
Mozart | Symphony in G minor
Mahler | Song of the Earth

Featuring | Ildikó Komlósi – mezzo-soprano, István Kovácsházi
Conducted by Máté Hámori


This performance is full of exciting challenges: we can present our skills in three totally different styles – this is a kind of a musical decathlon (or triathlon) for us. In addition, in three styles that we feel really familiar with: Ligeti is one of the most original composers of the 20th century, and we are the proud pioneers of this exciting repertoire in Hungary. Mozart is highlighted in this season: we will play his compositions in several concerts, for Mozart’s style comprises all roots of orchestral language. Mahler is an infrequent guest in our repertoire, therefore, any Mahler concerts mean a feast to us. Now we will be playing one of his best symphonies, according to many, this marvelous declaration of love dedicated to human life.