Nabucco – ouverture
Nabucco – Slave Choir
Aida | Triumphal March and Chorus
Macbeth | Chorus of Scottish Exiles
The Troubadour | Gypsy Chorus
Stabat Mater

Featuring | National Choir

Conducted by | Csaba Somos

Verdi’s choruses usually are equally important as a prima donna or a primo uomo. He spent his most beautiful and catching melodies into choral numbers like water, melodies that soon became top hits on the Neapolitan or Milanese streets. This was emphasized by the air of revolution that penetrated the Italy of young Verdi, and our hero apparently understood well the signs of time: his revolutionary choruses raised him to become the symbolic figure Petőfi was for Hungarians. Then, the passage of time left a mark on his music too: a delightful mark. When growing old, zeal of the sense of fairness softened to an appeal babbled to the eternal vigilante. Stabat Mater is one of Verdi’s last and, at the same time, most poignant compositions.

In the concert, between the compositions, informative reviews will be announced in Hungarian.