Schubert | Unfinished Symphony in B minor

Shostacovich | Symphony No.4

Conducted by | Máté Hámori


As a matter of fact, there is no safe answer for the question why this symphony was unfinished. But, however, this is not a problem. It still became a cornerstone of music literature, or in fact this was the reason— similar to Michelangelo’s slaves. Unfinishedness and diversion as an artistic statement is a romantic idea – even if in this case it is not fully true. The other composition perhaps the best symphony of the grandmaster of diversions and resumptions, still it will be a discovery to many, for, in the shadow of the 5th and the 10th, it was given quite a few limelight. Comrade Stalin, his era’s genius may have had a significant role in that, for he lead a cultural political attack on Shostakovich exactly in the time of the premiere, also devastating the symphony, so the composer, so to speak, revoked the composition. We are in 1936 – one can imagine Shostakovich’s nights in that era. Although, the composition is full of energy, ideas, brute and masculine beauty – confuting the zeitgeist and the madness of the all-pervading total terror. Stalin is dead, Shostakovich is living: 0:1.


The concert will be preceded by an Initiatory lecture related to the concert in the Great Hall of the Music Academy at 5:45 P.M., hosted by pianist and music teacher Gábor Eckhardt.