Conducted by: MÁTÉ HÁMORI
The series hosted by: GÁBOR ECKHARDT


  • Notturno (D897)
  • Fantasy in G minor for Piano Four-Hands (D9)
  • Symphony No. 7 C major (‘The Great’)

In the twilight of the Shakespearean magic grove, fantasy soars more boldly. A mandoline resounds in the distance, its sound resolving in the breeze of the summer night. Who knows – maybe next morning we wake up in a different life? This is the sensation both pressing and implying a tingling affection that Mozart’s serenades radiate, and this is the mood that only Schubert could preserve for the 19th century. However, his nocturnal music of confession, Notturno in E Flat Major, is worked up into passion not only by the hope for another life, but also the eternal dream and the promise of never waking up. And what else could have been a dream of life for Schubert if not music? Already his earliest works, like four-handed Fantasy in G-minor, he set down with the confidence of a night walker, and is it not the program of “dreaming awaken” that he accomplished by one of his last, dazzlingly glorious works, Symphony in C major?

Der Morgen, der Tag, die Nacht – this is the syllabus of the Schubert series starting this autumn. WIth this series of three concertos, we continue the highly successful Beethoven series of the orchestra.


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