Dear Coustumer!

We are cancelling this date of the concert, and we are going to have a new date soon.

We are going to let You know about the updated details via email.

Thank you for your understanding,


… What?
Me to the opera?
Come on…
Do I have to sit on the narrow creaky seat for five hours waiting for the fat woman
die finally, but still she keeps on singing for about a half an hour or so? No, this is definitely
not for me, thank you. I’d rather watch the X Factor, that at least provides something to laugh about. Say, this also does…

The Music Hater is back, and this time he visits (not) the opera. What is that hype for all this? Unrealistic, overwrought stories, obsolete sceneries, corpulent divas singing in an incomprehensible manner – what is listening to opera good for anyway? This is the trail Péter Janklovics will follow in his new symphonic music standup show with the Danubia Orchestra Óbuda.
The concert gets over at twelve!