Venice has always appreciated multifunctional people, and the hero of our series amalgamated his activities of priest, teacher, violin virtuoso, composer and opera impresario by such a competence that the city soon hoisted him onto its shoulders. The secret for the success, like for all composers until Beethoven, lied in opera. The audience with a refined taste took only successful opera composers really seriously, and Vivaldi did demand attention. When needed, by risking his own money, but he kept pouring premieres and creating actual masterpieces by alloying the style of Händel with his own artifice, that people considered having been lost even in the beginning of the last century.

Vivaldi | Concerto in G minor ‘for the Dresden Orchestra’
Vivaldi | Trio Sonata in D minor “La Follia”
Vivaldi | Bajazet – Overture
Vivaldi | Bajazet – Sposa son disprezzata – Aria
Gyula Fekete | Concert Aria (Permiere)

Vivaldi | Squarciami pure il seno (Cleopatra’s Aria from Il Tigran)

Melinda Bobák violin

Ildikó Horváth violoncello

Ádám Radics violin

Ildikó Szakács soprano

Gábor Eckhardt host


conducted by

György Gulyás Nagy