Few composers have been gifted by ending their careers on its zenith surrounded by acknowledgement and wealth – why, Vivaldi is also not one of them. He was compelled to Vienna by his debts and a possibility, but he could come by neither money, nor enticing assignments, and abruptly he fell sick and died. Just like Mozart, he is buried in a nameless grave in one of Vienna’s rebuilt districts, nonetheless, like Mozart, he is not completely dead. He is traveling the whole planet with his music, thereby constituting just satisfaction to this restless and ambitious soul for all of his fiascos through his life.

Vivaldi | Tiro Sonata in A minor
Vivaldi | Sinfonia al Santo Sepolcro
Zombola | Meditation (premiere)
Vivaldi | Sonata al Santo Sepolcro
Vivaldi | Nulla in mundo pax sincera


Vilmos Horváth recorder
Kristóf Szilágyi bassoon
Soma Dinyés harpsichord
Ildikó Szakács soprano

conducting and fabling: Gábor Eckhardt