Bartók | Violin Concerto No. 2

Brahms | Symphony No. 1

featuring | Barnabás Kelemen, violin

conductor | Ádám Medveczky


Every composer is a creator in a sense, however, there are some who create brand new worlds out of sounds. Bartók was one of such talents – he created his incomparable life-work out of the sounds of nature and the forgotten though still clear and fresh water of the profound well of the past. The violin concerto of his maturity is now a cornerstone of its genre, and one of its most passionate interpreters throughout the world is Barnabás Kelemen. Though Brahms is classified between Romanticists as one of the conservative ones, his voice is still as unique and immediately recognisable as Bartók’s. His symphony No.1 is a result of a heroic and persevering struggle. He was struggling with the material for about twenty years, till, defeating his shackling admiration towards Beethoven, he finally set it in stone, considered today as one of the greatest of its genre.