Liszt | Prometheus

Janáček | Taras Bulba

Tchaikovsky | Manfred Symphony

conductor | Stanislav Kochanovsky


It is not for nothing that one of the greatest revolutionaries of Romantic music so often personified the great rebellious heroes of the past in his music, since even his own work as a composer was every so often received with disagreement and incomprehension by his contemporaries. Even today, few of Liszt’s symphonic poems may be heard live, therefore Prometheus performed by the Danubia Orchestra may breed a new discovery to many. This extensive piece emanates the same relentless power as Janáček’s symphonic poem, the composer of which was, likewise Liszt, was a singular genius with an outstandingly unique voice, remarkably undervalued to this very day. The night will terminate with Tchaikovsky’s program symphony, most assuredly in a knowledgeable performance, since the orchestra will be conducted by one of the most beguiling Russian talents.