Trio Sonata in G minor
Concerto Grosso
Organ Concerto in D minor
Violin Sonata in D Major

Kata Bassi-Nagy | Boglárka Jobbágy | Zsuzsanna Lipták | István Kónya | Ádám Tabajdi – Annie Fischer Scholarship

Conducted by Péter Szűcs

Gábor Eckhardt host

Though Händel’s art primarily focused on voice, instrumental pieces composed for several objectives followed him all his life, providing formidable potential in the early years for the young prodigy to sparkle his presentation skills. Between the first and the last known chamber works, we inserted concerti of different types concerto grosso rahter pursues the form of Corelli’s type of concerti, while organ concerti belong to the closest masterpieces. These latter ones emanate the joy of playing, probably characterizing even the composer himself when having shaken off the burden of administering the opera, he could finally dedicate himself purely to music.