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Contemporary Romantic: Peteris Vasks

Most people today no longer possess beliefs, love and ideals. The spiritual dimension has been lost. My intention is to provide food for the soul and this is what I preach in my works. (Pēteris Vasks)

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Do you hear well?

You can find it out in our concert. Beethoven concerts with hearing tests. The second concert of Danubia Orchestra Óbuda’s series The Sound of the Baton – Beethoven 250: Liberation / Release / Deliverance will be performed three nights for […]

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Beethoven Project for the Hearing-Impaired

On the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven, Danubia Orchestra Óbuda wants to lead the way to music for those who can identify with the composer’s struggles in particular: the hearing-impaired. We will bring up any physical tool we […]



Our concert theatre performance Winterreise premiered in 2015 may be once again attended. Schubert’s song-cycle arranged for orchestra by Zender will be performed in the powerful presence of János Szemenyei on 16 and 17 February 2019 at 8 sharp. Tickets […]

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25th Birthday

Danubia Orchestra Óbuda Celebrates its 25th Birthday Each one of us have their own Danubia: for some of us, it is still that youth orchestra it once was formed by students of the Bartók Conservatory, and for others, it is […]

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Danubia Orchestra Goes to Paris!

  After the tours to Germany the Orchestra accomplished several times in former years, this year, we are going to have a guest appearance in Paris. In the year of the 60th anniversary of the revolution and freedom fight of […]