Haydn összes

Haydn in three languages

Danubia’s fall series spans from Haydn’s early years to the stormy love affairs to the very worldwide success, representing a vivid profile of the legacy without any aim at completeness.


Guest from Stuttgart on the Spring Festival

Our relationship with the Stuttgart Chamber Choir is getting stronger, and it has just reach a peak: prior to our Budapest Spring Festival concert, our program has been performed in a special environment, Saint Eberhard cathedral in Stuttgart. The two companies have been conducted by Frieder Bernius.


Classical Favorites 2015

Together with Radio Klasszik, our orchestra has again made a compilation for the feast of 1 May, from melodies that are really popular among our audience. Tickets are already available.


Danubia inaugurates new rehearsal room

The operations finished in spring of 2015, so, to our greatest pleasure, Danubia Orchestra Óbuda could begin the rehearsals for its concert of 6 March at the Music Academy, in the new rehearsal room.


Behold the Man – spring season ticket

Season tickets for the spring series of Danubia on the Music Academy are still available. Highlighted soloist of the concerts is cellist Miklós Perényi, the orchestra is conducted by, among others, Domonkos Héja and Zoltán Kocsis.

Zalai Antal

Antal Zalai on Music Academy

The outstandingly talented violin virtuoso, Antal Zalai – following a chain of successful concerts on international stages – is going to perform his first concert of the year 2015 in Hungary, with the Danubia Orchestra.


Grand Prize Won on Tour in Poland

The play presented this fall by National Theater, featuring the music of Piotr Salaber performed by Danubia Orchestra, won the grand prize of the International Gombrowicz Festival in Radom.


One Week with Danubia

This autumn, Danubia Orchestra Óbuda has started an outstanding musical initiatory program. A class from Vörösmarty Mihály Grammar School followed the work of the orchestra for a week from the first rehearsal to the concert.