The season ticket series Behold the Man starts on 16 September 2014 and its thematics spanning two semesters continues until 22 May 2015. All concerts of the series take place in the Great Hall of the Music Academy.

Tamás Vásáry is one of the great gurus who belongs to researchers, like Liszt and Doctor Faustus of the legends as well. Liszt’s two, perhaps the most famous compositions, Sonate in B Minor and Faust Symphony opens the Autumn Series of Danubia, shaped by one of the most important Liszt interpreters.

Among others, the series comprises two concerts that examine the relation between war and peace, filtered by the pure world of music: November will focus on the inconceivability of the Holocaust, and in April we concentrate on the influence of WWI on the art of music. Both concerts will feature world-known guest conductors: in November, the orchestra will be conducted by the descendant of Ernő Dohnányi, Oliver von Dohnányi, in April by Zoltán Kocsis.

Beside Prokofiev’s marvelous ballet music, the December concert performed by Domonkos Héja will also feature Shostakovich’s 15th Symphony. Miklós Perényi will be our guest in February on a concert dedicated to the compositions of the ardent Robert Schumann who struggled with himself and his demons.

Few of the greatest artists of the world had the chance to have a real profound faith: Liszt was one of them, and also Anton Bruckner whose ethereal 7th Symphony will be followed by Nielsen’s glorious violin concerto — both are the musical confessions of the belief in human generosity and beauty.

Homeland is the starting point and the end of the journey, be it as devious as in Béla Bartók’s case who was granted the mercy of returning home from his far asylum only after his death. Bartók created one of his most splendid composition, Concerto, suffering from home-sick melancholy, that will be performed on the final concert of the series conducted by Máté Hámori, performed by the Danubia Orchestra Óbuda.

The endeavor and compositions of the composers featuring in our series deservedly manifest struggle, hope, despair, love and faith: Man himself.


  • Vásáry – Hell and Heaven (16. September 2014 19:30)
  • Von Dohnányi – Destiny (2 November 2014 19:30)
  • Prokofiev – Love and Death (2 December 2014 19:30)
  • Bruckner – Beauty and Faith (13 January 2015 19:30)


  • Perényi – Schumann (3 February 2015 19:30)
  • Berlioz – Magic and Passion (6 March 2015 19:30)
  • Kocsis – War and Peace (2 April 2015 19:30)
  • Bartók – Homeland (22 May 2015 19:30)

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