1st semester of 2017 – 3 concerts

Dates of the concerts:

11 March 2017 | 22 April 2017 | 20 May 2017


The three-part portrait series of Danubia Orchestra Óbuda on the composer continues with an actual unknown acquaintance. Rossini’s presence in the life of music lovers has been practically undiminished since two hundred years, despite not being present – no talk about him, no festivals dedicated to him, no mentioning together with well-known category A composers –, while his tunes, with a slight exaggeration, are familiar to each child, and it overtakes all of its more praised colleagues on the playlist of classical music radios.

Who was this genius blowing up the world of music like a comet? Was he only a workman in the entertainment business, or was he actually a great artist? Did his music have an impact on the progenies, is there anything more under the shiny surface, or was he urged on his career by his thirst for success? Why did he stop composing and lived his late decades praising middle-class pleasures? We will be looking for the answer to several questions while playing to you the outstanding compositions of Rossini’s known and unknown side. The guide to the expedition will be Gábor Eckhardt again.

Off you go!

Season Ticket Prices:HUF 5.500