mozart kommandoClassical musicians are generally considered by many as pot-bellied weary and peaceful old men with grey temples.

Even though, nothing can be further from the reality. Members of the Danubia Orchestra Óbuda, acting as real commandos this time, will snuggle Mozart’s nicest melodies into the ears of school children, accompanied by special marching drills, collective games and, of course, commando war demonstrations.

Of course, this will be a peaceful demonstration: our arms are musical instruments, and the stake: which of the commando chiefs may play their favorite Mozart melodies accompanied by the orchestra.

Fasten your seat belts, the Mozart Commando is about to appear!




Anything is possible in tales and in music



Fragments from the works of Bela Bartok

Szarvaslazadas_webreBartok is still often classified as one of the modern composers hard to digest. Those who the best refute this prejudice are nothing but the children. This is the reason why the brand new performance of Danubia Orchestra Óbuda, Bela Tale is for them.

The story takes place in an imaginary post-apocalyptic world where human civilization has won a landslide victory over its environment, devastating everything, defeating the entire nature. In this desolate world it is forbidden to differ, to resist the will of the Master of the World, the evil Old Man. The hero here is the Smallest Boy who differs from his brothers: for he is capable of recreate the natural world in his dreams: trees, wood, and, in the wood, the Magic Deer itself. Several superheroes join the struggle on both sides, though, in the end, the victory of the Smallest Boy is doubtless, who, by his music, defeats the world of uniformity of light and noise.
Both laughter and beauty appear in the performance, and Bartok’s music, now as a perfect tale music, shows a brand new face not only to children but to their accompanying adults, too.

(Recommended age: from 6 to 99)





Bartok’s music is not a “modern”, a hard and dissonant gizmo. This is still something adults have to be enlightened on sometimes (even though shamefacedly), however this is evident for children: these compositions reveal complete world of fantasy, in an evident and enchantingly colorful way. Poets Illyés, Mikszáth and Weöres fable in the language, while Bartók charms paddling in notes a thick dark wood, sunrise, frosty plains or muggy summer nights, hideout for beetles amongst the rain-drappled leaves. Nature, colors and LIFE – this is Bartok’s music, and this is the way children may wander with us on this 1-hour adventure travel, who will recognize every landscape they meet and step they take.




510x510_kellOnce upon any time, ober the Entz and the Atlanticly Ocean, on a beautiful spring afternoon, Steeping Beauty turned to her other side and carried on her dream she had started 99 years and 364 days before. She has kept on dreaming the same for 99 years: the awful Fuolornis Fire Dragons comes, though Joe cuts all the seven of its heads, collects the hazelnut chocolate and Cinderella’s grateful smile, then they go on ruling the people of Fairyland, for ever and ever, way until the start of the school year.

This was a weird dream, though Joe – as he was called by his friends in his dream – has not had any astonishment since the 4-year old boy rewrote his story. “Tell me the Steeping Beauty!” the boy demanded his father, and though they had practiced “the rain in Spain is mainly in the plain”, our heroine remained Steeping Beauty. Sometimes a mere letter may change everything.

So, Steeping Joe kept on sniffling, not even presuming that the next day his peaceful slumber would end. Though, now, he turned to his side, in his dream a chilly hand fondled his forehead warmed up in the battle with the dragon. “It’s time for you to sleep, and I will tell you the story of Tom Thumb”, he heard his mother’s voice over him. This story you’ve never told – he thought and started to smile in his dream.





Danubia Orchestra Óbuda is deeply concerned about the education of new generations of the Hungarian audience. Our strong wish is to show children the miracle we experience from the music surging out of our instruments. The reason is simple: in our opinion, one cannot have a life complete without the power and beauty music spreads. Our wish is to induce the enthusiasm and passion for music influence even those in the most receptive age.

In agreement with Zoltán Kodály’s thought, we believe that the best is only good enough for our children. This is the reason we introduce the audience of the future to catching world of music by attentively designed quality productions that we adjust to the language and demands of the youth.

By reason of this purpose we released our series of interactive concerts for the youth in spring 2014. Its specialty is that our programs are taken right in the middle of the communities of the youth: schools.

Motivated by the great successes, we have continued the roadshow in schools ever since, moreover, we present a brand new show in every semester to introduce teenagers to the charming world of symphonic music, chamber music and the musical stage.


Opera for children

Danubia – Felix Mendelssohn



Elderly parents, warm-hearted family bosom, a soldier son, a hopeful enamored fiancée and a swindling seducer; and, of course, a intricate cavalcade of disguises, camouflages. Nothing more a comic opera would require.

We have flavored Mendelssohn’s with exciting dialogues that speaks on the children’s language. This hilarious musical ravel provides a ludicrous experience for all age groups.


An interactive Concert featuring Eszter Kárász and the DOÓ

The Empire of Fantasy conceals thousands of secrets, voices and charms. We invite all children and adults to an adventurous musical journey in which an enchanting story comes to life in assistance of music. Since musical instruments impersonate stations, children have a splendid possibility to meet and befriend them freely while they can form the adventures themselves by their ideas.

Singing and fabling: Eszter Kárász