Izaki Masahiro




Birth on 28th. May, 1960. Fukuoka-City, Japan

In response to the influence of a music lover’s mother, the early education was received from 5 years old at the YAMAHA music studio (Talent Educational System for Children). Although electronic organ “Electone” rendition and playing (popular music & pop) was studied during his high school enrollment after that, the listening ability and the sense of pitch required as a musician, the harmony theory, the sharp rhythmic feeling of the free way thinking, etc. would be attached to nature and the body in the meantime, and it would be absorbed in playing soccer(football) after a junior high school, and physical strength, reflexes, etc. for becoming behind with a conductor would be obtained.


Since it became to be a vocalist from 17 years old at classic music at a turn, and the time of 21 years old, after aspiring after a conductor during study in Vienna, it came out as a professional conductor at the age of 35 after 8th conductor’s competition of Hungarian National Television 1995. Now under activity, establishing in Tokyo, Szolnok (Hungary), he is going and coming back to both countries and spreading the place for conducting to Europe and the other countries.